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    Ruby Deluxe Mattress

    Our crowning jewel, the Ruby Deluxe Mattress is one of the best mattresses in Australia.

    Designed and built right here in Western Australia, we’ve brought the most innovative products together to make the Ruby Deluxe the best night sleep you have ever had.

    Custom built for every aspect of life

    Over the last 10 years, we have positioned ourselves as the #1 custom mattress manufacturer in Western Australia. We take all the comforts you expect from your mattress at home and custom-size them to fit any vehicle or vessel. This means you can guarantee you’re in for a great sleep on your next big adventure.


    Mr Mattress is a family owned and operated business in Western Australia. Our goal is to create high quality mattresses, all while offering superior customer service and building great relationships with our customers and suppliers.

    Why are we one of the most trusted brands in WA?

    Mr Mattress started with a simple mission. Make a high-quality mattress for a fantastic price. We looked at the “MATTRESS SALE OF THE CENTURY” all the bed stores had to offer and thought, Perth deserves better.

    That’s why, when you come into our showroom, you won’t be hit with over-the-top gimmicks of drunk bowling balls and sleeping scales. You’ll get to speak to the people who make your mattress.

    Mr Mattress Mattress
    CIAWA General Member

    Caravan Industry Association

    We are proud members of the WA Caravan Industry Association.

    Mister Mattress

    Our promise to you

    Read up on our mattress warranty details to see how your mattress is covered.

    Family Owned Business

    Made in WA

    10 Year Warranty

    30 Day Promise

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